Stewarding Our Resources To Further God’s Kingdom.

Whiteford Wesleyan is committed to reaching those who are far from God, unleashing unprecedented levels of compassion into a broken world, and helping each of us become more fully devoted to Jesus Christ. We have the privilege of partnering with God’s work in the world by using our gifts and resources through the local church.

How Do I Give?

Several safe and secure methods of giving provide convenient ways to offer our tithes and financially contribute to the Whiteford Wesleyan Church.

  • Weekend services: Simply place cash or checks in the offering plate during the collection at any weekend service. Be sure to include your name and address on the check or envelope, so that donation credit may be provided for tax purposes.
  • By mail: Mail your donation to Whiteford Wesleyan Church 10285 Sylvania-Petersburg Road, Ottawa Lake, MI 49267. Be sure to include your name and address on the check or envelope so that donation credit may be provided for tax purposes.

Please Note: Whiteford Wesleyan is unable to accept donations via credit card.

Giving & Dontations FAQ

Where do my donations to Whiteford Wesleyan Church go?

General Operating Fund: Donations to Whiteford Wesleyan Church support its General Operating Fund. This fund makes possible the day-to-day ministries and services of the church.

Special funds: Periodically, opportunities to designate a donation to a specific ministry initiative become available. To designate your contribution to a specific fund, simply indicate the name of the initiative (e.g., Growing Tree Preschool) on the memo line of your check or on your envelope.

Can I make non-cash contributions?

Many people find creative ways to make contributions to Whiteford Wesleyan Church through non-cash gifts. Here are a few options to consider:

  • Stocks and mutual funds: You will receive a tax deduction for the fair market value of your securities at the time of donation, and you will pay no capital gains tax on the difference between your cost and the fair market value. Fill out the appropriate form below, send a copy to your broker to authorize the transfer, and send a copy to Whiteford Wesleyan Church letting us know how you want the funds applied.
  • Car donations: Whiteford Wesleyan Church is committed to meeting transportation needs of people who are unable to meet those needs themselves. When you donate your used car to the Whiteford Wesleyan Church, you receive a tax deduction and someone in need of transportation receives the reliable transportation they have been praying for.

How does Whiteford Wesleyan Church uphold financial accountability?

Whiteford Wesleyan Church is committed to honoring God’s provision by exercising wise and faithful stewardship, ethical business practices, and full accountability to ensure the financial integrity of Whiteford Wesleyan Church remains above reproach. We accomplish this through a system of internal controls and an internal budgeting and reporting process.

An annual audit is performed by an independent certified public accounting firm.

Anyone may request a copy of Whiteford Wesleyan Church’s most recently audited financial statements. Contact us or call (734) 856-2430 to ask general questions about our financial practices.